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May 98


Wow. CNN’s news network is just so much larger than any Aussie network… Anyway scientists found an explosion that occurred 12 billion light years away (hence 12 billion years ago)…

Astronomers are mystified by the most powerful explosion ever witnessed, an enormous burst of gamma ray energy 12 billion light years from Earth that in one second released almost as much energy as all the stars of the universe.


Woosley said the energy released was equal to about 5 billion supernovae, the explosion of dying stars that, until this explosion, had provided the most powerful documented sudden releases of energy.

In visible light alone, Woosley said, the gamma ray burst energy was equal to about 1,000 supernovae. By some calculations, the gamma ray burst release equaled as much energy in one second as all of the 10 billion trillion stars in the universe combined.

Woosley said it is difficult to relate the power in common terms.

For instance, he said, if all of the nuclear weapons ever made were exploded at once, the energy released would equal about 1/100,000 of a second of the energy from Earth’s sun. Yet over its 10 billion-year history, Woosley said, the sun will produce only about 1 percent of the energy of the explosion.
[Source: CNN.com]

Link here. That is an awesome amount of energy… and “awesome” is an awesome understatement… it’s bloody well ludricrously unimaginable.