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Mar 98

More Athletics

Cherns you bastard :). I’ve got this friend, and basically we spend every lesson bagging each other about how good we are at things. Yes, getting bagged out for being good instead of crap :) Anyway, he used to be in the swimming team (but isn’t anymore by choice), and I used to be in the athletics team (but I aren’t, again by choice). So basically, he’s really good swimmer, and I’m a good athlete (but not as good an athlete as he is a swimmer, although he’ll say it the other way around :). Every class we’ll pay each other out about how fast each of us can swim/run. Unfortunately, he got the upper hand today. I broke the school 50m record all the way back in Year 3, 1989 – 8.21s I think. There’s a misprint in the school homework diary which meant that I’d been gipped of my record (ie: I wasn’t listed), but Chernih brought back the records listing from the primary school competition held last Tueday. And sure enough, my record still stood. So for the whole bloody day he’s showing everyone, making a big fuss about how I’ve held a record for 9-10 years and so on. Luckily he doesn’t know I was age champion the same year (it’s unlikely he’ll be reading this page, so that’s why I mentioned it), or I’d be in an even worse position. And my comeback about, “I’ll see you swimming in the Olympics” is sorta useless when he has actual physical evidence with him. Grrr.

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