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Mar 98

Food & Veganism

I don’t understand this Vegan crap. As far as I can see there are two reasons behind Veganism.

1. “It’s cruel to animals” (many citing Christian ideals). Well that’s crap. What about all the omnivorous animals out there? What, are they cruel too? Should you shoot them so they don’t kill any more animals? I mean, there’s nothing you can say to justify an aversion to the consumption of animal products. Really. Our appendix is about 5cm long (or something like that), and useless. There’s good reason for that. We’re not grass eaters. We’re also meant to eat meat.

2. “Do you know what’s in your food?” (for example, they express their disgust at what is rumoured to go into McDonald’s beef patties, like all sorts of body parts). Well I think that if (1) Food tastes good and (2) It won’t kill you in the long or short term, then there’s nothing wrong with it. Honestly, who cares what’s in your food if it tastes good and isn’t too unhealthy?

I could go on and on but I can’t be bothered.