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Feb 98

Starship Troopers

I saw this film last night. Highly enjoyable, highly recommended. Please please please keep in mind that this film has been written to be more than a pure action “blow-up-anything-with-more-than-two-legs” movie. I’ve heard this movie being criticised for being less “philosophical” than the book, but also for not being a brilliant action film (although the special effects are awesome). However, I think the director (Verhoven — spelling?) has managed to balance the thematic and action aspects of the film quite well. After all, a film has 2 hours to work with, and a book can have as many pages as is needed. I mean, why would they make a movie with such a light-hearted atmosphere (the movie treats the alien threat less than seriously – in other words, there was no doom & gloom “we’re gonna die” stuff like in ID4, except for one part (the crazy general for those who’ve seen the film), but that was funny) and rate it MA? There are quite a few underlying themes the film. I’ll do a full review of it in the articles section later, but in the meantime, go see it! Best movie I’ve seen this year (of course, it’s only February :).