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Feb 98

Network FissureĀ®

With the launch of Req’s new site, I’ve started planning my new site (Stuart’s Domain – but maybe I’ll call it something else), of which this journal is the newest addition, and only part that’s been created for it so far. It’ll be a total renovation of the interface, and layout, with changes to content (more static pages and much much less pages that have to be updated). What Network Fissure is (yeah yeah pretentious, but better pretentious and admit it, than lame or diminutive :) is just the sites me and Requiem/Shish/David have put together (and anyone else who wants in, but I doubt that’ll be anyone). A logo will displayed on pages that have been created by one or both of us. There’s one on the bottom of the page below the Legalese. Woooo just made it … only two minutes to tomorrow :)