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Feb 98


What a day. We’re doing mini-performances in English of scenes from Penetr– uh, oops, umthat’s another story … Educating Rita. We were split up into groups, each group having a number of scenes allocated to them. The task was to perform two different interpretations of the same scenes. So today we were basically working on it in our separate groups at the Latham Theatre (small theatre-type hall), trying to work out how we were going to act our scenes out. Well Alec was playing the role of Frank and he was just stuffing around. Now Frank’s meant to be drunk, so Alec goes off into one of the rooms backstage and comes back with a glass of yellow stuff. “What the hell is that?” He’d found a glass, and some paint, mixed the paint with water and filled the glass. “It’s my drink” he said. Yeah I suppose he could’ve gotten high on it by sniffing the fumes (haha then he’d really be drunk and he’d act in character much better :). Anyway he empties out the glass. No one was in the mood to do anything that day, I was talking with the rest of the group while Alec lurched about on stage (like he really was drunk, although I don’t think he was intentionally acting drunk … maybe the paint fumes got to him). One minute he’s playing with the phone on the wall, and the next he drags out a broken table from backstage (dunno why), all the time with the glass in his hand.  Then craaaash. Alec dropped the glass, and somehow, although he was pretty far back stage, the glass shattered all the way to the front edge of the stage – about 5 metres.

Funnily enough, we managed to bluff our way out when the teacher came, and Alec didn’t get busted. “It’s part of our performance sir, it’ll wake the audience up”.

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