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Jan 98

The Intel Deschute

I was looking for what processor speeds there will be by the year’s end. Just read from Tom’s Hardware Page, Intel plans the release of 450MHz chips in the 2nd half of this year. These chips are code named Deshute, and they’re just faster Pentium II chips. In addition, these chips will run off 100Mhz buses, and will take either Slot 1 or Slot 2 slots in the motherboard (440BX and 440NX motherboards respectively). Slot 2 chips are meant to be better cos they break the half a gig of ram barrier or something, but how many home owners use that much ram? They will be running off a different type of Level 2 cache too, which gives a 10% speed advantage over the Slot 1s of the same clock speed (I think). I’m not sure about anything> I just said (I probably mixed the figures up), but I definitely know is that 450Mhz is fast. Mmm speeeed.

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