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Jan 98

Clinton the Gigolo ;)

Ahaha is he getting the crap bagged out of him now. Even in Christian Studies (okay, PTC to be exact) he makes a guest appearance :). We’re talking about what the difference is between knowing someone, and knowing about someone. The chaplain begins explaining (not a direct quote but something like this) : “yeah – knowing someone is more personal than just having heard about them, which is just knowing about someone. Take the President for example … err … maybe that’s not so good an example.” Haha. Yes we know the President. Personally. They also bagged him out on 2-day fm. Funny stuff. Just switch on and you’ll hear something about Clinton.

Well I know that he’s not been found lying yet, but I don’t believe him and I don’t believe how they say “he’s the President so what he says must be true”. Hey – this comes from the guy who said, “I smoked marijuana but did not inhale”. The same person is splitting hairs over the difference between oral and “normal” sex – look are we interested in the difference? They are both forms of being unfaithful. I mean, do we want kids hearing the most powerful man in the world talking about different forms of sex? Sheesh. Ah get rid of the guy.